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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: The Book vs The Movie

January 21, 2014 - Author: Nayes

20140118_123757Hmmm feeling a little daft right now because I am already halfway through the 4th Harry Potter book and I no longer feel confident to review this one. Typical perhaps. Well obviously it is wonderful, I just can’t remember any of the particular observations I made while I was reading it anymore. Oh well…

I can say that weirdly enough I take the books very seriously. They strike me as serious books. I read on the back of one of our tatty paperback copies of The Philosopher’s Stone that some big newspaper compared Rowling’s humour to Dahl and I couldn’t agree less. I know there are fun and amusing parts in the books, but I never ever ever received them as silly or ridiculous…which is possibly why I thought that Trelawny and Moody were portrayed, not badly, but certainly not in a way that I expected them to be – I sort of feel like the movies made fun of them which doesn’t seem right to me…anyway I digress. What was I saying? Oh yes… I take the Harry Potter series seriously, and while there is obviously a lot of “ridiculousness” that goes on I never ever feel that the books themselves are ridiculous when I am reading them. I find them very “true”. In fact the only time that I have every felt “oh don’t be ridiculous” is in the first book where Hermione talks a load of rubbish about how the boys tried to stop her from going after the troll. Why did she do that? The truth was far more acceptable than the lie was… It was weird….


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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: The Book vs the Movie

January 15, 2014 - Author: Nayes

Photo on 2014-01-15 at 6.53 PMAfter an annoying day of getting nowhere with work or school for the kids, I decided “screw life, I’m going to Hogwarts”. Why? Because I can… Or at least I’m trying to convince myself that I can. I will regret it later in the week when I have to catch up on work I should have been doing already…

I’m not sure why I chose to start re-reading the Potter series again. I have done so three times already I think. I suppose it is just something that I’ve been wanting to do for a while, and so i finally sort of got around to it.

I do, however, think it’s quite funny how many more inconsistencies I discovered while reading the book this time. Now, I must say that I am not one of those who blindly states that all books are better than their movies. For one – the first Hunger Games movie sucked significantly less than the book did. And The Notebook movie was better. Shoot me if you must, but it does happen.

I rather believe that books and movies are different, and therefore it is no big thing for a movie to be tweaked in whichever way necessary to make it more viewable than the story would be if you just blindly copied everything word for word. I am quite ok with story changes and like to judge each on their own merit.

I am rambling.

Anyway – I was a little bit disappointed to discover that my two favourite lines from the first Harry Potter movie were not actually in the book. The first being when Hermione says “What an idiot!” in that glorious way of hers (when Harry goes after Malfoy on his broom to get Neville’s remembral back) and the second being when Ron goes “She needs to sort out her priorities!” after Hermione suggests that getting expelled would be worse than getting killed.

I think I might go and watch the first movie again now. I started it the other day and fell asleep…


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Harry New Year

January 2, 2014 - Author: Nayes

CYMERA_20131007_151824The start of a new year always inspires the “ooh books!” in me and this year is no different. Once again I am going to spend this year attempting to read 100 books. I have failed at this goal twice, but I am determined to do it this year. At first I thought I might dive into all the crime fiction books that I have been collecting but neglecting to read lately (crime fiction was pretty much my default genre for a long time but I have branched out into all sorts of different genres in my “adulthood” which has been going on for a lot longer than I keep thinking that it has) but instead I have decided to slip back into something that saved my life…

Harry Potter…

Now yes, I am being a little melodramatic. I discovered Harry Potter, not when I was a kid, but when I was 18 years old. I was au pairing in New Jersey at the time and I was terrified and homesick and for the first (and only) time in my life I had literally no friends – rather unsettling when you are an over-social teen. I devoured the first four Harry Potters in about two weeks and even though I was already a pretty avid reader, this silly little magic boy turned and already-loved pastime into something beyond incredible. I imagine that Harry did to me what drugs have done to others. To this day I still find myself hoping for that same feeling to surface in ever book I open. Lev Grossman’s The Magicians came close, so did Erin Morgenstern’s The Night Circus but few others have managed to get the scale to move let alone tip it. I am like a drug addict, in search of the feeling of my first fix, with a sinking feeling in my heart that it will never come, but continuing to try and try and try again regardless.

Oh chatting to a friend about TV series today I admitted that I am busy rewatching Doctor Who because I can trust the Doctor to make me happy (even though I will most likely shed a thousand tears while experiencing said happiness) and I suddenly thought “Oh yes, that’s what I should do. I should reread  Harry Potter!” And now I just feel like I’ve had the best idea ever. Because I do love Harry so very much, and even though I know that by the time I get to the end of book seven I will have once again shed an extraordinary amount of tears for friends who do not technically exist, every exquisitely agonizing moment of it will be worth it.

So that’s my reading January planned. I am going to lose myself in that I have thought about every single day for the last twelve years. And when I’m done, I’m going to think about them and love them for another twelve years…

I know a New Year is supposed to be about new things, but right now I cannot think of anything better than losing myself in something old.

Happy New Year book lovers! I wish for you a year of magical world and alternate realities that turn your actual reality into an even more multi-dimentional canvass of excitement and beauty.

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A review of The Angry Woman Suite by Lee Fullbright and an opportunity to win a few prizes

October 19, 2013 - Author: Nayes

The Angry Woman SuiteI haven’t done a review request in a while. I have become weary of them. To be honest when the distance between reader and writer is closed by the ability to communicate with an actual flesh-and-blood person it becomes a little difficult. You become invested. Even if you have only so much as said “hello”. I got this book through my friend Emlyn Chand’s company, Novel Publicity. I must admit that getting books through an agency is a little easier. I strive to be as honest and objective as possible, but it is hard sometimes, worrying that you will hate something and then have to admit it, knowing full well that the creator of the thing you hated is out there and will most likely see your hatred. I’ve been on the receiving end of a scathing review. They slice. But funny enough, they also teach a hell of a lot. A lot more than “good” reviews teach. (more…)

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The Surfer ~ Linda Cargill

October 17, 2013 - Author: Nayes

20131017_173956Greetings Folks! I imagine this random little book is not one that you will ever get your hands on but I’m going to review it anyway. You may have noticed that the reviews around here tend to be more about what’s available in my own personal bookshelf more than whatever the latest releases may be. Of course I do like to throw in the odd indie review too. This particular book is from my own shelf though, and I bought it about a hundred years ago when CNA used to sell YA fiction for R14.99 a pop. Guess where all my pocket money used to go?  (more…)

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Relics ~ Shaun Hutson

October 15, 2013 - Author: Nayes

20131015_155916Relics is a story about a bunch of folks on an archaeological dig who come across a chamber filled with some dodgy skulls. Of course a bunch of weird shit starts happening. And there’s a Satanic cult that has orgies while covered in entrails which is a bit gross…

I must admit I am mildly disappointed at the first instalment of my foray into the literary horror genre…But let me please be very clear that this is not the fault of the author. Hutson is definitely a decent writer – the problem is that the whole blood and ghouls thing is clearly not my scene. I keep thinking that it might be, but it never quite resonates the way I expect it to. I am incurably fussy when it comes to my affection for characters (which is why I loathed Twilight and 50 Shades – I HATE those chicks!)and although I do recognize that often characters take a backseat to plot and storyline, I am truly happier with a bad story filled with good characters than I am with a good story filled with “meh” characters. The “meh” characters make it very hard for me to settle into a new world and immerse myself in it for hours. And unfortunately I see very little point to a book unless I don’t want to leave my real life and stay inside of it until the end…

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31 Days of Horror Failure

- Author: Nayes

You probably didn’t notice – seriously, who would? – but I have completely failed at my 31 Days of Horror movie challenge.


Well…have you ever tried to watch a horror movie every night for 31 nights? Holy hell! My brain was starting to mush! Too many teenagers having weird sex (come to think of it that IS creepy) and not enough fright inducing entertainment.  (more…)

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31 Days of Horror #9: Pulse

October 10, 2013 - Author: Nayes

downloadGood God Pulse is boring. I just couldn’t escape the idea that someone decided that they had a moral issue with technology and they needed to make some  sort of metaphorical movie about it. I got yelled at (a little) by my husband while we watched this movie because he decided that I wasn’t paying proper attention. I maintain that the reason I was more interested in playing Candy Crush than I was in watching the movie is because the movie was boring as hell and the dialogue was so tepid I couldn’t help but let my mind wander right away. He also thinks this is why scary movies do not affect me because I don’t concentrate hard enough. Um….no…. (more…)

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