I’ve been a little off of my computer lately. For about a month or so I haven’t been able to pick the thing up. My camera is filling up with un-uploaded photographs. My inbox is just getting fuller and fuller. And yet: blegh. I am sitting here right now forcing myself to actually just check up on stuff but I can’t think of anything that needs doing. Not on here. All “the things” can surely wait for some other time. My inbox seems a little daunting. I am trying to care but I just can’t.

Do you ever get that way? All this life on computers just doesn’t feel like life. I suppose that’s kind of dumb when I consider that it’s not like I have switched off completely. I still troll Facebook and Twitter on my phone.

I’m just not writing stuff.

That’s the gist, isn’t it? The writing stuff. That stuff you’re supposed to do when you’re a writer.

I think it might be time for a little sojourn into Julia Cameron’s world again. This one has gotten a little dense.

Colourful Evenings

untitledA bizarre turn of events lead to the husband and I going out on Saturday night. I suppose for most there is nothing unusual about that, but to be honest I have been slowly slipping into extreme hermithood of late (thanks, but no, I don’t need “fixing”) so a bout of spontaneity, prompted by yours truly no less, can be considered quite miraculous. I kept seeing an event popup on my FB feed that told me that a bunch of my friends were going to “Dessa – Live in Concert“. Of course I had no idea who that was so I YouTubed her and discovered that she has kind of cool music. The event was free (this counts as something because we could not be more broke) so we figured we might as well go. We could, after all, skip dinner and afford a beer or two.

I am SO glad we did it. Being the hermit that I am I hadn’t actually been to Chapel Street Studios before and I couldn’t have been more delighted by the vibe of the place. It’s weird I guess but I walked in and immediately was “happy” to be there. This doesn’t happen to me a lot. I used to blame this on myself being uptight, which I am, but the thing is that I tend to be exceptionally sensitive to energy. Some energy flows with you though, like you’re floating in a calm sea, bobbing up and down as gentle waves move towards the shore. Other energies bash up against you, the suffocate you, they drag you down to the ocean bed and twirl you around a couple of times before they let you even think  about which way could possibly be up. On Saturday night, Chapel Street Studios  had a with you energy. It was pretty damn lovely.

We were treated to a bunch of incredible local performance artists (forgive me for not remembering any names – I had a bit too much wine – it was cheap) as well as the beautiful and enigmatic Dessa, from Minneapolis and all-in-all we just had a great evening. The event was put together by Creative X (if I’m not mistaken – forgive me if I am) and I must admit I am very curious to find out more about what they do. They seem to have gathered around them this beautiful sense of community, and with it a positivity that is electric. And my favourite part? There was enough colour in that room to paint a canvas. And maybe I just usually hang out in all the wrong places, but I found that kind of special. I looked around that room and thought, “this is how my heart knows South Africa to be”.

And the lesson? There are like-minded people out there. I won’t find them in the comments section of media outlets on Facebook. But they are in my back yard. Live in the flesh. And that’s fucking awesome.

The Mockingjay Lives

Hmmmmm….. Speaking of movies that are more appealing than their books…. I’m kind of looking forward to Mockingjay coming out soon. Again, I wasn’t nutsy about the books (although admittedly they did not make me mourn for the state of the world as much as the Fifty Shades bunch did) but you cannot deny the awesomeness that is Jennifer Lawrence, so I’ll be standing by when this one hits the theatres.

Fifty Shades is coming… I mean…arriving?

So the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer is finally out (you’ve probably already seen it) and I must admit I was a little sorry to discover that Dakota Johnson is playing Ana. It’s no secret that the Anastasia Steele character irked me to my very core,  but I do very much adore Ms. Johnson. Strange that I did not pick up that she was playing Ana before (I really paid no attention) but now that I know that she will be in the movie I do wonder if I might not be more inclined to watch it, if not out of pure curiosity. The trailer already looks better than the book could ever have hoped to be, and we can only hope that it will deliver a less scewed (read: rapey and totally messed up) message. I guess we can only wait and see…

31 Days of Horror Failure

You probably didn’t notice – seriously, who would? – but I have completely failed at my 31 Days of Horror movie challenge.


Well…have you ever tried to watch a horror movie every night for 31 nights? Holy hell! My brain was starting to mush! Too many teenagers having weird sex (come to think of it that IS creepy) and not enough fright inducing entertainment.  Continue reading

31 Days of Horror #9: Pulse

downloadGood God Pulse is boring. I just couldn’t escape the idea that someone decided that they had a moral issue with technology and they needed to make some  sort of metaphorical movie about it. I got yelled at (a little) by my husband while we watched this movie because he decided that I wasn’t paying proper attention. I maintain that the reason I was more interested in playing Candy Crush than I was in watching the movie is because the movie was boring as hell and the dialogue was so tepid I couldn’t help but let my mind wander right away. He also thinks this is why scary movies do not affect me because I don’t concentrate hard enough. Um….no…. Continue reading

31 Days of Horror #6: Prom Night

images (6)Don’t watch this movie. Just don’t. There is no point. It is not even bad enough to give you a mild bit of judgemental enjoyment. It is the movie equivalent of a watered down light beer.

I don’t particularly get why this movie ended up on the “horror” list. I think it might have been by accident. But then again I guess slasher films usually are considered horror. Personally I prefer my horror to be a little more sinister. It was really just some random dude killing people at a prom because he was all hung up on some ex student of his. The guy wasn’t even scary. The back story was tepid and unsatisfying. Like why was he obsessed with this chick? I couldn’t even get irritated. That’s how inconsequential this movie was.  Continue reading

31 Days of Horror #5: Cherry Falls

download (4)While my husband and I were watching Rosemary’s Baby last night and the copy we had somehow died just before we got to the end. But of a bummer because I must admit I was really enjoying it.

Of course I committed myself to a nightly horror movie so I had to pick something else. Hubby went to sleep and I stayed up to watch Cherry Falls – a movie that I picked purely because it had Brittany Murphy in it.

Basically a serial killer is running around town killing all the virgins. Of course this sparks off a teen orgy. Continue reading