Grimm’s Fairytales

1794613_10153800297415094_158069784_nI picked this book up because it fits into Fairytale February but I must admit to finding it rather dull. Despite being a short and easy read I found myself labouring through it with no real desire to get to the end. Funny because I’m not even sure where it came from or why I chose to have it in my possession. I can be rather superficial when it comes to choosing books, especially children’s books. The children’s books that I do find myself purchasing usually have incredible illustrations or they hold a certain nostalgic value to them. This book possesses neither of those qualities, and despite being retold, the stories themselves possess a rather dull and old fashioned voice. Oh perhaps they are original? I actually have no clue. Perhaps I should be ignored… The illustrations aren’t necessarily “bad” but they are just not spectacular, and not at all something that would excite my imagination at all. It’s a pity I guess…. rs-2