The Trials of the Woodsman ~ Cassie Wright

The Trials of the WoodsmanThe Trials of the Woodsman by Cassie Wright

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

So this is what happens when you decide to furnish your reading list with free stuff from Kindle: You end up reading a whole bunch of sorta weird stuff that you would otherwise never have glanced at before. I guess that is a good thing in the spirit of expanding one’s horizons…

Anyway – here I was exposed to a bit more “Fairytale Erotica” which I must admit is still kind of weird as all hell to me. For instance, with this story you’re merrily going along reading about a man and his son living in the woods and then there are a couple of lions and other creatures and it’s all sort of lovely….and then all of a sudden you find yourself reading the word “cock” and suddenly all is no longer right with the world. Now don’t get me wrong, as much as I don’t usually choose erotica as my default genre, I certainly have no issue with graphic sex scenes should they find their way into a book that I actually want to read (this almost never happens by the way). It is usually as impossible to read about sex without getting randy as it is to watch porn (or a particularly steamy non-porn-but-still sex scene) without getting a little randy….but this? I can’t say it did much for me at all. It was just kind of icky. And not because of the throbbing vein on the engorged member (*snortlaugh*) but because again I found myself reading about a sort of rape fantasy. The fact that the usual gender role was reversed in this situation didn’t really make it any better. It was still a bit yucky. Basically, Circe (a goddess) forces the huntsman to sexually gratify her in exchange for the return of his son.


The Queen and the Honey ~ Maddy Raven

The Queen and the Honey (Beauty Awakened, #1)The Queen and the Honey by Maddy Raven

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

So…. fairy tale erotica is something else then, huh? *shuffles feet awkwardly* Ok – so this story was about some random chick who decided that shagging a stranger in a library was a good idea. Obviously it was a bad idea a because apparently his…erm….finger skills…somehow made her pass out and then wake up in an enchanted realm of sorts. There she was captured by the Lord of the realm and made to join his harem. A bit of rape fantasy-ish stuff happens. It’s a bit odd and I have to wonder if this particular story was influenced more by Fifty Shades than by Grimm’s The Queen Bee as was stated by the author. Not the best book I’ve read in a while, but it was definitely better than some of the many other fairytale retellings I have read. The storyline was kind of interesting at least, even though the writing style was a little meh. Is it customary in erotica to refer to a vagina as a “rose”. I found that slightly odd. And i don’t know…. I get that it’s erotica blah blah blah….but it’s in a fiarytale setting. I sort of feel like the writing language should perhaps try to reflect that. References to “Ass cheeks” and “doggy style” just seemed a bit weird to me…

My Goodreads rating is only 2 stars, but here I’m giving an extra half star because I did appreciate the imaginative storyline (although technically I should remove it again as punishment for the cover that doesn’t match the book at all!)


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