A review of The Angry Woman Suite by Lee Fullbright and an opportunity to win a few prizes

The Angry Woman SuiteI haven’t done a review request in a while. I have become weary of them. To be honest when the distance between reader and writer is closed by the ability to communicate with an actual flesh-and-blood person it becomes a little difficult. You become invested. Even if you have only so much as said “hello”. I got this book through my friend Emlyn Chand’s company, Novel Publicity. I must admit that getting books through an agency is a little easier. I strive to be as honest and objective as possible, but it is hard sometimes, worrying that you will hate something and then have to admit it, knowing full well that the creator of the thing you hated is out there and will most likely see your hatred. I’ve been on the receiving end of a scathing review. They slice. But funny enough, they also teach a hell of a lot. A lot more than “good” reviews teach. Continue reading

Shaman’s Blood ~ Anne C. Petty

Title: Shaman’s Blood

Author: Anne C. Petty

Publisher: JournalStone

Pages: 272

Where I got it: Library Thing Early Reviewers

Rating: 3

Goodreads Blurb: A spell gone wrong in a Queensland burial cave accidentally bonds a Quinkan, a shadow demon from the Australian Dreamtime, to a wicked mixed-blood shaman named Cadjer Harrow. Through his carelessness, the half-aboriginal conjure man has unwittingly cursed his entire family for centuries to come, and now there will be hell to pay.

My Thoughts: Well…. This was a review book from “Library Thing” which I only requested to see if I would get it and not because I actually paid any attention to what it was. I kind of had to groan a little when I saw the cover. I don’t do snakes. I have a rather pathological fear of them. As in I have snake nightmares at least once or twice a month. But… I enjoyed this book. It was kind of cool to read something different for a change, something I never would have picked out myself. The Australian mythology was especially cool. Aus is one of those places I have absolutely no interest in whatsoever, but reading this book made the place a little more interesting for me. I still won’t go there – too many snakes – but I like that it has a rich culture that I never actually considered before.

Jezebel’s Wish ~ AJ Nuest

TItle: Jezebel’s Wish

Author: AJ Nuest

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Where I got it: Author requested review

Rating: 3

Goodreads Blurb: Haunted by nightmares, tormented by guilt, Jezebel came to Redemption Ranch to escape the past—except now she’s stuck in the middle of nowhere with no redemption in sight. When her mother pushes her into riding lessons with local veterinarian Matthias Saunders, Jezebel balks. Sure, the doctor is gorgeous, but he’s completely obnoxious and knows how to push every one of her buttons.
Only her deep connection with The Reverend, a gentle stallion who guards her darkest secrets, has her agreeing to spend any more time with Dr. Saunders. Caring for the stallion is the first bright spot in her life in months, and if being around the horse means she has to deal with Matthias Saunders, then so be it. Surely a city girl like her can handle one country vet—even one with disturbing blue eyes. Can’t she?

My Thoughts: I think what I am starting to like most about being asked to review books is that I get to experience more of what I wouldn’t usually pick for myself. I particularly enjoyed this book for the simple reason that it was a sweet and uncomplicated romantic read. I haven’t read a book like this since high school! And it was actually just a nice heartwarming experience. I think I especially liked this one because the Matty reminded me so much of my own fiance. I’m such a lucky girl!!!

Find Jezebel’s Wish  here on Amazon, or here for the Kindle edition.