The Artist’s Way ~ Julia Cameron

If you ever wished there was a  - dare i say  “fail-proof” – 12 step programme for blocked writers you have found one. Julia Cameron’s book gently coaxes even the shyest of writers out of the comfort zone of their blockages and challenges them to  start seeing things, to question everything, and to slowly become un-stuck. I have done this book (because doing it is very different from merely reading it) from start to finish once. I plan to do it again.

Please do not imagine though that this unblocking is in ANY way a pleasant experience. The first two or three chapters get you into a smug high where you’re kind of woo-hoo happy about the impending brilliance you are about to unleash on the world. Your unblocking will without a doubt be the best thing that has EVER happened. And yes, of course it is….but….continue at your own peril. The tears will come eventually, as you dig through your life and learn more than you bargained for. Commit yourself to the entire 12 steps and yes you will emerge as a newly cleansed, and freshly detoxed artist. But you have to take yourself seriously, and commit to it, do ALL 12 steps, because I think there’s a possibility that stopping in the middle might leave you more blocked than you were before….

Why I give it ten stars: This book is incredibly user friendly and really is something absolutely anyone can use for anything. I reccomend it wholeheartedly.