Love That Dog ~ Sharon Creech

1236864_10151847647266117_920944820_nSo instead of working, or looking for more work, like a proper grown-up, I went out to SAMREC today and watched them release some of the penguins they rescued from the latest oil spill off our coast. Then I had coffee with a friend who also happened to be there. Then I quickly popped in to the local second hand book store and bought too many books. And then I came home, set up a bed on my trampoline and read in the sun for a bit. I have decided that reality is no longer a priority and my new reality is reading and stuff that I actually like doing. For today at least. Tomorrow I may get hungry. But for today, we read.

Oh…and of course today I read Love That Dog by Sharon Creech for the second time because I felt like reading something that I already knew that I would love and so I did. It is a wonderful…um…poem slash story slash diary of pure wonderful. You should read it. Because it is truly lovely.


LOVE THAT DOG ~ Sharon Creech

Title: Love That Dog

Author: Sharon Creech

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Pages: 86

Where I got it: Randomly picked it up at Bargain Books (can you tell I go in there too often?)

Rating: 4

I absolutely adored this book. The entire thing is in a genre of it’s own, but it sort of reads like a love letter or a diary. It’s one of those things you have to read to appreciate. I imagine it is considered a children’s book but I imagine it will be appreciated for it’s beauty mostly by adults.