Cephrael’s Hand by Melissa McPhail ~ review & competition

ch3Two weeks ago a kickass package arrived for me and I happily unwrapped it to find the gorgeousness that is Melissa McPhail’s latest book: Cephrael’s Hand. There’s nothing better than getting a book straight from the author herself and knowing that they took a little time out to thank you personally for offering to give it a read. The cover is beautiful, it comes with a lovely map (I love books that come with maps!) and I got a hand-written note and a great inscription inside my copy.

What a great start!

Unfortunately, because the book took so long to get to me (I live in South Africa) I will be honest and admit that I haven’t finished reading this book yet (it is long!) but I decided to post my current thoughts anyway (please don’t be mad!) because I promised to have this review up on this specific date so that it would coincide with the rest of the Cephrael’s Hand blog tour.


First, the blurb (as usual: stolen from Goodreads):

“All things are composed of patterns…” And within the pattern of the realm of Alorin, three strands must cross: In Alorin three hundred years after the genocidal Adept Wars, the realm is dying, and the blessed Adept race dies with it. One man holds the secret to reverting this decline: Bjorn van Gelderan, a dangerous and enigmatic man whose shocking betrayal three centuries past earned him a traitor’s brand. It is the Adept Vestal Raine D’Lacourte’s mission to learn what Bjorn knows in the hope of salvaging his race. But first he’ll have to find him. 

In the kingdom of Dannym the young Prince Ean val Lorian faces a tenuous future as the last living heir to the coveted Eagle Throne. When his blood-brother is slain during a failed assassination, Ean embarks on a desperate hunt for the man responsible. Yet his advisors have their own agendas, and his quest for vengeance leads him ever deeper into a sinuous plot masterminded by a mysterious and powerful man, the one they call First Lord. 

In the Nadori desert tormented by the missing pieces of his life, a soldier named Trell heads off to uncover the truth of his shadowed past. But when disaster places him in the debt of Wildlings sworn to the First Lord, Trell begins to suspect a deadlier, darker secret motivating them. Honor-bound to serve the First Lord in return for his life, Trell continues on his appointed path, yet each day unveils new and stranger secrets that eventually call into question everything he knows.

I cannot even begin to imagine the amount of work that must have gone in to this book. In fact, if I think about it, I get quite anxious – which I suppose is ridiculous, but there you have it! I can’t even begin to process what it must take to come up with all of the names, realms, types of people, etc that are in the pages of this book. Kudos for that alone, Melissa. You are definitely a rockstar. Continue reading

Shadow Swarm by D. Robert Pease ~ review & competition

shadowIt’s been a crazy hectic couple of weeks but I’ve somehow still managed to delve into a couple of review books. I must admit that it seems that whenever I commit to reviewing one of these books by a specific date, The Universe starts to giggle and then throws a whole bunch of things at me. I mention this only because it might do you well to take my slight “harriedness” into account.

First – the blurb (shamelessly stolen from Goodreads):

Aberthol Nauile doesn’t know that he once led legions in a war that had raged since the dawn of time, against an enemy that could not be killed. He doesn’t know that he rode on a dragon with his father, or that his mother died while giving birth to him. He doesn’t know that he once saved his great, great, great grandfather by defeating the black enemy on the slopes of a volcano.

Aberthol doesn’t know that he beheld the creation of the world, as his grandfather eight generations before took the planet, ravaged by a war of the gods, and began anew.

All he knows is that he awoke in a coffin deep within a tomb, and now the whole world thinks he is their savior. All he really wants to know is his name, and why he keeps hearing voices in his head.

From the very first page of this book I could detect a very strong Christian undertone, which I admit annoyed me a bit at first. Why I didn’t pick it up when I read the excerpt I don’t know, but I wasn’t expecting something Christian. Now I suppose there isn’t anything wrong with that, but I might not have chosen to review the book if I had known. Luckily it isn’t too “preachy” (kind of in the same way that the Narnia novels are kind of Christian but not preachy) and it’s actually quite interesting to see how it develops. From the beginning the story drags you forward in that you can’t help but be curious about what exactly is going on. This “pulling” happens throughout the book. From time to time the author employs flashbacks which kind of make you question your own sanity, but that’s kind of clever because it kind of ties in with the fact that those same flashbacks make Aberthol feel the same way.

Check out this awesome book trailer:

Personally I am not the biggest fantasy fan. I keep trying to be, and the synopses of fantasy books always sound fantastic to me, but I struggle to find a nice rhythm when reading most fantasy books. I struggle with the language, though admittedly the only “frilly” language in this book is found in the dialogue and not in the narrative so that was at least a bit better than what I usually experience. I also struggle to find common ground with the characters as they always seem to be motivated by things that I can’t quite wrap my head around. This is, however, my failing and not the failing of the author.

Even though this wasn’t 100% my cup of tea, I have to give it a 3 star rating because it is well-written, well thought out, and quite original. The only “gripe” I can think of to point out is that the setting itself might have been explained a little more. But honestly? The only reason I noticed that was most probably because I am TERRIBLE at writing settings so I tend to observe that a little more than could be considered normal.


About the Book – About the Author – Prizes!!!

About the prizes: Who doesn’t love prizes? You could win one of two $50 Amazon gift cards or an autographed copy of Shadow Swarm! Here’s what you need to do…

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That’s it! One random commenter during this tour will win the first gift card. Visit more blogs for more chances to win–the full list of participating bloggers can be found HERE. The other two prizes will be given out via Rafflecopter. You can find the contest entry form linked below or on the official Shadow Swarm tour page via Novel Publicity. Good luck!

About the book: Aberthol Nauile doesn’t know that he once led legions in a war that raged since the dawn of time, against an enemy that cannot be killed. He doesn’t know that he rode on a dragon with his father, and saw his mother die while giving birth to him. He doesn’t know that he once saved his great, great, great grandfather by defeating the black enemy on the slopes of a volcano. Aberthol doesn’t know that he beheld the creation of the world, as his grandfather eight generations before took the planet ravaged by a war of the gods and began anew. All he knows is that he awoke in a coffin in a tomb, and now the whole world thinks he is their savior. All he really wants to know is his name, and why he keeps hearing voices in his head.Get Shadow Swarm through Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

About the author: D. Robert Pease has been interested in creating worlds since childhood. From building in the sandbox behind his house, to drawing fantastical worlds with paper and pencil, there has hardly been a time he hasn’t been off on some adventure in his mind, to the dismay of parents and teachers alike. Also, since the moment he could read, books have consumed vast swaths of his life. From The Mouse and the Motorcycle, to The Lord of the Rings, worlds just beyond reality have called to him like Homer’s Sirens. It’s not surprising then he chose to write stories of his own. Each filled with worlds just beyond reach, but close enough we can all catch a glimpse of ourselves in the characters he brings to life.

Connect with D. Robert on his website, Facebook, Twitter,or GoodReads..


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One Often Overlooked Element of World-Building ~ A Guest Post & Cover Reveal by Melissa McPhail


Cephrael's Hand - NEW COVEREvery author should understand world-building. Whether engaged in the writing of genre or literary fiction, an author crafts a unique world with each novel. Even when set in the present day, the novel’s events layer a new dimension upon our visible reality. It’s the dimension of those characters, of that story, but it should feel as real to the reader as his own tangible environment.

One overlooked element in world-building is religion. Often when religion isn’t factoring into the plot of the story, the author may fail to mention it. Yet when we take a look at how religion influences our daily lives—even when we ourselves may practice no particular faith—it’s clear that religion of some nature is part and parcel to nearly every culture that inhabits this earth.

Religion influences our daily interactions with others (moral codes, traditions) and for many, it determines at least in part the way they spend their mornings, nights or weekends. It even influences the words we swear (or curse) by.  Continue reading

Three Must-Read Series for the Fantasy Connoisseur ~ A Guest Post & Cover Reveal by Melissa McPhail

Having been a fantasy reader for more years than any southern-bred lady should ever admit, I’ve encountered some excellent fantasy novels. Over the decades, I’ve watched many wonderful books rise to a height of popularity, enjoy the thrill of riding that wave of reader buzz, and then bob away to take their place on a shelf with others of like fame. With so many outstanding fantasies rising and ebbing across the years, it’s easy for newer readers to overlook some classics. Since I’ve been swimming this sea for a while, I thought I would share a few favorites you might’ve missed.

All of these novels have inspired my work in some important way.

Roger Zelazny’s Chronicles of Amber

“Amber is the one true realm, casting infinite shadows of itself.”  Only the royal family of Amber have the innate talent to navigate the shadow realms of Amber, of which Earth is one such shadow. At the beginning of Nine Princes in Amber, the first book in the series, Corwin wakes in a hospital with no memory of his identity. As he learns that he’s a prince of the royal family of Amber, so also is he pulled back into his brothers’ and sisters’ perpetual treacherous vies for their father’s abandoned throne.

Corwin moves from one near-catastrophe to another, each one often devised by a different family member, but his wit and his wry, cynical view make all of his misadventures—and indeed, this series as a whole—a joy to read.

The patterning described in my series is nothing like the pattern the royal family of Amber must walk in order to manipulate the shadow realms of Amber, yet Zelazny’s novels did provide a spark of inspiration for my own realm of Alorin, where “all things are formed of patterns.” Continue reading

Coffee at Little Angels Winter Solstice Kindle Giveaway

Howdi  reader friends!

Winter is here on my part of the planet which means big mugs of hot chocolate, fireplaces, comforters and books!

Of course on YOUR side of the planet the sun may be shining – which simply means cocktails (ok fine…iced tea…) shady places, tank tops and…you guessed it…books!

Thankfully Kindles allow for sunshine reading as well as warm cosy fireplace reading so wherever you are I am sure a free book is always welcome!

Coffee at Little Angels is going to be free on Amazon for the next couple of days so pop on over and pick up a copy for yourself. And…as usual…please feel free to share the love with your friends.


Yours in love & ink!


Halo of the Damned ~ Dina Rae *FMB Promo Post*

Halo of the Damned

Author: Dina Rae

Genre: Fantasy, Fiction, Paranormal, Thriller, Horror, Romance, Suspense


Pages: 289

Tour Dates:April 16th – 23rd 2012


Book Description:


“A chain of advertising agencies, a new breed of humans, and a fallen angel to worship… Andel Talistokov is known for his slick advertising agencies across the globe. He is a fallen angel that uses advertising as a weapon for Satan’s work. His growing power emboldens him to break several of Hell’s Commandments. Furious with his arrogance, Satan commands him to return to Hell after finding his own replacement. Yezidism, an ancient angel worshiping religion, quietly expands throughout the West. Armaros appears as a guest of honor during their ceremonies. He mates with young women to produce nephilim, a mixed race of humans and angels. They are alone and unprepared for their supernatural power. Joanna Easterhouse, a recovering drug addict, steps out of prison shortly after her mother’s fatal accident. She and her sister, Kim, unravel their mother’s secretive past. Intrigued, they learn their bloodline is part of a celestial legacy. Both worlds collide. Halo of the Damned is a horrifying tale that weaves research together with suspenseful twists and turns.”

Continue reading

Hurry Up and Wait

It has taken nearly thirty years but I am finally comfortable with calling myself a writer when people ask me what I do for a living. Of course I don’t usually mention that not much “living” gets done at this stage of the game. This part here, where I’m waiting to hear from printers and hoping like hell that everything is going to be ok? This part where I have spend every last cent I have but having nothing coming in? There’s no living done here so much as just hoping and praying. That’s ok though. We’re good with hope and prayer in these parts. It’s the waiting that we’re not so good with…

At the moment I am waiting for my printers to get their bums into gear. After discovering last week that my gorgeous novel was almost printed as a magazine, I had to re-insist on them sending me samples of the material they were planning on using. I told them from the beginning – don’t tell me about grammage – I have no clue what that means! For some reason the idea that I have no clue was missed… Continue reading