Remember Me ~ Amy Larter

2013-09-03 09.36.29Ok so I don’t  chat about music on here often because since I did that whole growing up thing I’ve been admittedly more about books and less about music. That is, not to say, that I don’t love music.

Somehow I managed to come from a really musical family – which is weird as hell because The Larter Ancestors were not musical. Yet we Larter cousins have managed to thwart science and be musical and arty anyway.

Needless to say – I was crazy excited to receive this little gem after my brother’s last visit to Cape Town. And guess why I got it? Because I contributed to her campaign on FundFind which is another bit of awesomeness created by my other cousin, Amy’s brother, Steve.

Amy’s CD launch is going to be held in Cape Town soon. But guess what? You can’t go because the tickets are all sold out. You can try finding her on Facebook and begging if you want – otherwise you’ll just have to wait for another show. But when she has one…you should go. Really. Because she is kind of magical.

Love you Aims and I am such a super proud big fat cousin!!

FUGARD POSTER copy-2Amy Larter Debut Album Launch


Amy Larter’s eagerly anticipated debut album launch will take place on the 21st of September in the Fugard’s intimate Bioscope Theatre.


Amy will be backed by a four-piece band and five fine artists who have created works inspired by her music, in effect, marrying two different art forms, music and visual art.


Amy’s infectious pop melodies combined with hints of Jazz harmony create her unique Jazz-pop brand.


Her warm vocal tones, together with her charismatic charm helped shape her easy listening style.


Her strong songwriting and arranging skills are wonderfully showcased in her debut album

“Remember Me”, which is a musical narrative of poignant moments in her journey as an artist.

Remember Me ~ The Amy Larter Band

You know if I sort of vaguely think about The Larter Family without properly thinking about it I get a sense of “misfit”. You know….a bunch of dorky people who do genuinely love each other but are also a bit odd. And then one of us goes and does something like this and I think “Fuck odd! We’re bloody awesome!”

This is my cousin Amy… Swoon away!!

Tracy the Inspiration

A while ago I met this fabulous woman who charms and impresses me constantly. Tracy Engelbrecht is a cute, quirky, insane and absolutely fabulous that I count myself very lucky to know. As a writer she gets my automatic respect, but she is just so much more than that.

Tracy wrote a book called The Girl Who Couldn’t Say No sharing her experience with teenage pregnancy and motherhood. Since then she has become somewhat of a mom to the teenage moms in her neighborhood as well an incredible source of support online. Inspired by her own story, Tracy started The Young Mom Support Group which you can read about here and has without a doubt been somewhat of a savior to quite a number of girls who have found themselves in a difficult situation. Without judgement or repression, Tracy has been helping young girls not only cope with their pregnancies but also grow into good moms.

I sent Tracy a couple of questions the other day and she was kind enough to answer me. This is what she had to say… Continue reading

The YouTube Way

I have come to the conclusion that anyone blocked in the character creation element of the writing craft only needs to look to youtube for inspiration. Yes, we mostly troll the site to find the latest music videos of our favourite artists or the odd banned-from-TV-for-being-too-risque advert or to be inspired by the tons of TedEx videos, but we also know that youtube is a wonderland of reminders of our own superiority. Why? Because my God there are some seriously strange people out there! But you know what? They make the most interesting secondary characters. And many of them make the most delightful murder victims!


Your Love Is… ~ The Descendants Band

I read a quote by Alan Cohen yesterday and it has been on my mind ever since.

“You are destined to become the peer of those you most respect because the greatness you perceive in them is your own. “

These guys certainly fall under the “People I Admire” category. Their CDs dominate my CD player and never fail to provided a much needed heart lift in times of trouble.

Thank you Melissa, Ingrid, Terrance and Gareth for being part of my daily life. I send you all much love and respect.

Letting the Genius out ~ a talk by Elizabeth Gilbert

I thought I’d like to share this particular TedEx video with you because I myself found it so inspiring. I saw it for the first time long before I ever read any of her work, but she comes across as so knowing and trustworthy. And encouraging! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Whether you’re a blocked writer, or simply someone who would like to start writing, give it a watch. In fact, watch it even if you’re not a writer. She’s pretty entertaining!