The Black Cat Bones *CD & Comp Giveaway*

For quite a while now I’ve been wanting to add a bit of an SA music section to this blog because I think it’s kind of important to support the musicians in this country and because I think we have a lot of musicians around here who actually deserve our support!

Yesterday I got a call from Gareth Wilson of The Southern Gypsey Queen. Now granted these guys are my friends (in real life – as in I went to school with them so even though Paul Wilson is now a super hot celebrity figure I still get to tease him like he’s a goofy little kid) so perhaps you won’t believe me when I tell you that they are one of my favourite South African bands, but they are. Anyway – Gareth called to let me know that The Black Cat Bones were going to be playing here in Port Elizabeth this weekend. Now I have never seen these guys before, and since I find most EC radio stations mildly annoying and sadly lacking in any music content that I might be keen on listening to, I have to admit that I had no idea who they were – though granted they might not be getting any play on our waves anyway. A Google search also didn’t help too much. Very mysterious these boys! Nothing personal online. Nowhere does it tell you where they are from or what they as people are about.

Their facebook page has this to say:

“Modern day storytellers, representing life through music in its most honest form. Their collective influences fused together in an audio diary made up of traditional, as well as modern blues, rock, folk, and country-inspired music. Paying tribute to the founders of these classic genres while maintaining a modernized presence. “

Kind of awesome sounding actually. Thankfully I trust Gareth’s judgement, and after finding one of their CDs in my brother’s car I can honestly say that they are definitely an act to see.

Anyway: Here’s the punchline!!

I’ve got one CD and two comps to give away for their show this weekend. It’s at The Music Kitchen on Saturday night. If you’ve never been there you are in for a treat – GREAT food and CHEAP booze for everyone!

And to win? All you need to do is leave a comment telling me why you would like to go. If choosing a winner is easy I will choose him/her myself. If not I will rafflecopter it.

Good luck! And see you at the gig on Saturday!!