How Many Books on you TBR List?

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There’s this episode of Sex & the City where Carrie is feeling a little broke and she suddenly figures out that she has spent around $40 000 on the shoes in her closet. Sometimes I look at my bookshelves and feel that way a little. Although, unlike Carrie, I almost never buy new books (nevermind new releases!) and the replacement value of my bookshleves is easily about 10 times higher than what I actually paid for it. I think…. I hope…

The thing is though… I currently have (no joke) 712 books on my TBR list. There are 712 books in my personal library that I have not actually read yet. This is ridiculous!

And yet… I still can’t resist a book sale…



Greetings fellow writers!

I wonder how many of us cretins will be up at midnight tonight hoping to get a head start on the madness that is Nanowrimo? I must be honest that at this particular moment I am still not entirely sure what I plan to do for Nano this year. I am doing it because I have a writer’s group and I promised that I would do it if they would do it. But gosh! I have STILL not decided what to write. At one stage I had decided on what I was going to do – until I realized that the book I had chosen wasn’t a book so much as a vague concept which I don’t particularly feel like tackling right now. So…back to the drawing board for me…

Are YOU doing Nano this year?

Are you ready?

Good luck!


Love Nayes

750 Words FTW!

Ah yes…. So the other day I mumbled something incoherent about artist’s dates and morning pages and a little website called 750 Words. The gist was really that these are things we SHOULD do…but probably don’t.

I decided this morning that I was going to start on the morning pages and the artist’s dates again. I need to. I am slowly losing my sanity. And not in a fabulous bound-to-be-brilliant writer kind of way.

So…since all good things start on Mondays I was planning to do my pages on the 750 Words website this morning….when lo and behold THERE WAS NO INTERNET! Now…it was gone over the weekend and I was ok with that. I probably could have fit in some work here and there, but I thought, no, we’ll play and skip the working. Which was fine. But on a Monday? TAKE MY INTERNET ON A MONDAY?!! For this Murphy should burn in hell.

Anyway – long story short – after discovering that the source of my internetlessness was not in fact the fault of Telkom as I initially suspected but was completely the doing of my dear sweet daddio who unplugged my cable from the router – I am internetted up again and smiling broadly.

I thought that even though it is passed lunch time I should probably do my 750 words anyway. So I did. And OH THE AWESOME! Really. You just don’t understand! This whole writing out three pages of Morning Pages thing KILLS ME!. It takes me an hour and a half sometimes to get through them. I write SO SLOWLY!. It took me 13 minutes to type out 750 words. Now 13 minutes of my day I can do. Happily.

So I shall be doing it. And annoyingly reporting back every so often.

Have a fabulous Monday friends!

And off they wrote…or did they?

Last week The Tequila Thursday Writing Club met up again for the first time in a while. We chatted, we drank wine, we made posters and we made a few resolutions to write.

Have we? I certainly haven’t….*insert big dramatic sigh here*

For the next while, among other things, we will be working on The Sound of Paper by Julia Cameron (a review of which I will surely do soon) and, as with The Artist’s Way there are three non-negotiables in the unblocking process. Continue reading

Writer Love

Am really excited to be starting The Tequila Thursday Writing Club up again soon (if only I could get around to editing my novel of the same name!). On Thursday some of my PE friends will be meeting at my place. Hopefully we will have a fire going and some yummy snacks to share. And of course – tons of coffee!

My plan for the writers group is relatively simple: I hope to remind my writer friends (and myself especially) that it is not writing that inspires us – it is life! It is when you stop to smell the roses that poetry comes. It is when you’re taking a long bubble bath that you discover how your book should end. When you try something different (a new hobby, a different kind of cuisine, a whole new belief system!) the things you have been trying to do suddenly start to work.  Continue reading

Calling all writers :)

Hello Friends!

I’ve been wanting to restart our Tequila Thursday Writing Club for a while now. Between life and books it has kind of fallen by the wayside, but that will most definitely change shortly.

In the spirit of new starts, I have completely emptied The Writers Club Blog and plan to use it as a place for writing samples. I hope that it will soon fill with examples of flash fiction, short stories, children’s stories and poetry written by those brave enough to join our little group of writing crazies.  I also hope that the works shared here will be met with helpful feedback as well as great support and encouragement.

If you would like to contribute to The Writers Club Blog please send me an email and I will create an account for you. There will also be an anonymous account option for those who feel a little shy about any of their stuff.

As for the real writers club: meetings will start again at my place on the 30th of June 2011. Anyone who would like to join us is welcome. Again, just pop me a mail and I’ll get back to you.

For those who sadly don’t live in PE, The Katalina Blog Challenge will be up and running alongside the writers club from next week. I do hope that we can get a few more to take part this time.

The goal, as always, is to encourage our fellow writers to use their talents and write more. I hope that we can all be an inspiration to each other.

Yours in ink,



Do you trust yourself?

It’s been an odd couple of weeks for me. I had to kick myself into a little action after removing all the excuses to postpone said action. I still find myself jumping between elation and pure terror.

And then my mom asked me this:

“You believe in yourself, but do you trust yourself?”

I don’t want to answer. Why? Because if I say yes, I do trust myself, I would be lying. But if I admitted that I don’t trust myself, that would be so much worse.

What a vile thought! Yes – I believe in myself. Of course I do. My talents have their limits but they are not non-existent. But do I really trust myself to follow through on them? Do I trust myself to succeed? Do I? Continue reading

Hello & Welcome

Hello & welcome to The Katalina Playroom!

Maybe you stumbled in here by accident, or perhaps you were sent here by me and have arrived at this page out of some sort of sense of obligation. Either way, I thank you for being here and hope that you will come back again soon.

Really, The Katalina Playroom is simply a place filled with a few things that I love. There’s the well-known story of the teacher who asked her class what they wanted to be when they grew up. One little boy answered that he wanted to be happy. The teacher then told him that he didn’t understand the question, and the little boy told the teacher that she didn’t understand life. It has taken a few years but I have started to learn that holding on to the things that make you happy does not make you selfish. It makes you sane. And it gives you life. So in here, you will find a very big part of my life. Luckily, our humanity ties us so closely together that I think you might find your own bit of joy in the many things that I plan to share. Continue reading