50 Shades of No

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I’m not sure if it was posts of the  State of the Nation or posts about 50 Shades of Grey that got the most attention on social media last night, but I actually just can’t even when it comes to any of the political stuff so: Fifty Shades of Grey it is.

I discovered last night that the ratings for this movie on IMDB are really low and I must admit that it made me feel kind of relieved. People are obviously chatting about this and are starting to see that “sexy” and “scary as hell” are not the same thing. This is good. It means that we can teach our daughters the difference. And our sons. Thank God.

One of my favourite friends went to watch Fifty Shades with her book club ladies last night and had a bit of an awkward experience. Now, I understand that Nu Metro does sort of a ladies night out thing every now and then, and of course I am sure they have been preparing for the Fifty Shades premier for forever. It was a chaotic disaster, of course. These mad cult things do tend to breed disaster sometimes. Anyway – my friend went with her book club, reluctantly, but happy to be out with her friends for the evening nonetheless. When they arrived they were denied their seats by a group of ladies who had decided that they wanted to sit there and that was that. How strange. But can you just see it. That snide you snooze you lose kind of smug Mean Girls attitude. My poor friend was quite upset by it.  Not because she missed the movie so much as by this group of adults who were basically just bullies. I understand her upset. I also get very confused when people are mean. We should know better, but we just don’t. Continue reading