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Gods and Fathers ~ James LePore

April 27, 2012 - Author: Nayes

Gods and FathersGods and Fathers by James LePore

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

When confronted with a book like this one I often feel a little ill equipped to give a fair review. The thing is that while this book is very well written I can’t say that I enjoyed it. It’s one of those books that I refer to as a “boy” book. I didn’t gel with the character dynamic, often feeling a little oh-for-heaven’s-sake about the exchanges between them. The main character is barely likable, but isn’t awful enough to excuse the fact that you just don’t really care what happens to him. His son, who all drama revolves around is repulsive and I really felt no sympathy for him at all – so much so that I would have been quite happy if he went to jail for a crime he didn’t commit, simply because he was an asshole and bad shit should happen to assholes. On top of all that is was about Muslim terrorists. Oh. Dear. Lord. No thank you. I am so sick of this subject and am constantly finding myself disappointed when the “Muslim terrorists” make an appearance in the books I read. I LOVE crime fiction – but rather give me a serial killer please. Of course none of this is the fault of the writer – I bet we don’t like our eggs done the same way either! But the subject matter and the heaviness of the book just didn’t do it for me. I’m giving it a four for being decently written and well researched, but I’m afraid I have to give it a two for enjoyment value.

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Matched ~ Ally Condie

- Author: Nayes

Matched (Matched, #1)Matched by Ally Condie

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Actually I want to give this book a three and a half but it won’t let me :-/ I like Ally Condie’s style of writing. I am one of those readers who likes to read books that are a bit like floating in a lazy stream. None of this dragging your body against a pulling tide kind of thing (does that make sense?) Anyway – now that I have gotten to the end of the book I am glad I read it. It’s not often that I pick up a series book because I usually kind of feel like oh hell now I have to invest the next couple of years of my life for one story, but I do appreciate why they work. I do like that the book sort of buzzed with activity towards the end. I think it was fitting. All the dull druggery of living like a pod person (sorry) and then suddenly the insistent need to break free of it is kind of thrilling. Of course the reader is going “oh my god don’t live like this!” from the beginning so I was happy when it climaxed into a flurry of rebellion. I will probably get the next book.
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