Remember Me ~ The Amy Larter Band

You know if I sort of vaguely think about The Larter Family without properly thinking about it I get a sense of “misfit”. You know….a bunch of dorky people who do genuinely love each other but are also a bit odd. And then one of us goes and does something like this and I think “Fuck odd! We’re bloody awesome!”

This is my cousin Amy… Swoon away!!

Baffling Success

A lovely Australian lady told me the other day that I shouldn’t worry too much about feeling like someone had tossed my universe in a blender and pressed play after finally coming to the end of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy because I would soon feel better. Well… I still feel like the world is going to hell in a hand basket (weird saying that…) and I don’t think I will be feeling any relief from my high levels of unrelenting anxiety any time soon.  I keep thinking that I should write some sort of neverending thesis on exactly what the heck is going on in these books and then I think “why bother” because so many others have done a sterling job of it already. The thing is this though: for all the faults of Fifty Shades, it certainly opened up a LOT of discussion. And I LOVE discussion. In a world where it would take a lifetime to simply read the titles of all the books in existence it is very seldom that this kind of discussion happens so easily. The only books that allow for a consistent bantering of thoughts are those that everyone is reading. So I think I want to go back to some of those and talk about them. And I hope you will talk back to me because I am dying to know what’s on your mind…  Continue reading

Bad bad blogger….

I’ve been such a terrible blogger this year I really should do something about that. I imagine blogging as a bit of a brain drain and I really should indulge more often. Some good (ish) reviews coming up as soon as I have the energy to set them up. Sadly I succumbed to the Fifty Shades madness. My life is severely altered and I am trying to patch up the broken pieces now. I think the only way to do this will possibly be to revisit some old favourites. You know…. those books that remind you in perfect detail why you love books and why the bad ones should never let you forget that reading CAN be an absolutely exquisite experience.

So…. I need a book to help me remove the bitterness left behind by Fifty Shades. Any recommendations?