Oh! Bridget Jones!

17985896I don’t usually consider myself a book snob….but I very much feel like my inner book snob is on the rampage.

While scrolling through my Facebook timeline yesterday I noticed that Random House had shared a post by the Bridget Jones fanpage which contained what felt to me like quite the spoiler.

Now honestly – this “spoiler” could have been plastered all over the back of the book for all I know, and perhaps it is considered by the author and publishers of the book to be more of the “plot” than the “outcome” – but still. I can’t help feeling rather bloody furious about it.

Not that I’m going to not rush off and get the book. I’ve been in love with the literary version of Bridget Jones since I was eighteen years old (I am now 31 – holy crap!)

I just feel cheated. And a lot grumpy about it.

Love That Dog ~ Sharon Creech

1236864_10151847647266117_920944820_nSo instead of working, or looking for more work, like a proper grown-up, I went out to SAMREC today and watched them release some of the penguins they rescued from the latest oil spill off our coast. Then I had coffee with a friend who also happened to be there. Then I quickly popped in to the local second hand book store and bought too many books. And then I came home, set up a bed on my trampoline and read in the sun for a bit. I have decided that reality is no longer a priority and my new reality is reading and stuff that I actually like doing. For today at least. Tomorrow I may get hungry. But for today, we read.

Oh…and of course today I read Love That Dog by Sharon Creech for the second time because I felt like reading something that I already knew that I would love and so I did. It is a wonderful…um…poem slash story slash diary of pure wonderful. You should read it. Because it is truly lovely.


Be-good-to-yourself Therapy ~ Cherry Hartman & R.W. Alley

2013-09-11 15.48.19Gosh. I kind of expected this to be at least mildly heartwarming but it was just kind of ridiculously lame. I sort of feel bad for saying that – like I’m betraying something by admitting that I didn’t like it and just asking for karma to kick my ass. Perhaps the advice is so outdated now that it just seems obvious, but that idea doesn’t really help. It is simply a list of a whole bunch of rather “duh” advice that doesn’t take much of a genius to conclude coupled with a bunch of illustrations of elves. The illustrations are cute though. And in black & white. I’m kind of considering grabbing my pencil crayons and colouring them in… Otherwise the book is pretty small so it would make a great coaster!


An Abundance of Katherines ~ John Green

2013-09-09 15.13.08An Abundance of Katherines is a great book, but I must admit I did not love it nearly as much as I did The Fault in Our Stars. It did, however, still leave me feeling grateful to have discovered this brilliant author. It becomes a little bit scary sometimes when you look around and no one your (my) age seems to be doing anything worthwhile. Everything seems to have been done already. Everything great. Sometimes it feels like everything being produced today has been dumbed down for the masses. That sounds arrogant perhaps. Perhaps because it is. But the thing is this: I have kids. And I give a giant rats ass about what kind of people they’re going to turn out to be. I think books like this help with that kind of thing. They help you become someone of substance. They don’t blur lines. They just kind of tell it like it is. So I feel like John Green needs to be thanked. Because he does not suck. And that is kind of a relief.


Izzy the Inventor ~ Emlyn Chand

17927335My Noah Pet got two nasty trampoline burns on his feet earlier today and was feeling very sorry for himself so I decided to tuck him into my bed and read him a story. Of course while trying to decide which story to read I remembered that I promised my friend Emlyn that I would read her Izzy book AGES ago and that I am a terrible terrible terrible friend for forgetting. I hauled it out and settled to cuddle with my little man. Of course he was not impressed…but that is because he was feeling massively sorry for himself and more interested in sulking that stories, so I just read it to myself and let him fall asleep without being offended. Continue reading

Remember Me ~ Amy Larter

2013-09-03 09.36.29Ok so I don’t  chat about music on here often because since I did that whole growing up thing I’ve been admittedly more about books and less about music. That is, not to say, that I don’t love music.

Somehow I managed to come from a really musical family – which is weird as hell because The Larter Ancestors were not musical. Yet we Larter cousins have managed to thwart science and be musical and arty anyway.

Needless to say – I was crazy excited to receive this little gem after my brother’s last visit to Cape Town. And guess why I got it? Because I contributed to her campaign on FundFind which is another bit of awesomeness created by my other cousin, Amy’s brother, Steve.

Amy’s CD launch is going to be held in Cape Town soon. But guess what? You can’t go because the tickets are all sold out. You can try finding her on Facebook and begging if you want – otherwise you’ll just have to wait for another show. But when she has one…you should go. Really. Because she is kind of magical.

Love you Aims and I am such a super proud big fat cousin!!

FUGARD POSTER copy-2Amy Larter Debut Album Launch


Amy Larter’s eagerly anticipated debut album launch will take place on the 21st of September in the Fugard’s intimate Bioscope Theatre.


Amy will be backed by a four-piece band and five fine artists who have created works inspired by her music, in effect, marrying two different art forms, music and visual art.


Amy’s infectious pop melodies combined with hints of Jazz harmony create her unique Jazz-pop brand.


Her warm vocal tones, together with her charismatic charm helped shape her easy listening style.


Her strong songwriting and arranging skills are wonderfully showcased in her debut album

“Remember Me”, which is a musical narrative of poignant moments in her journey as an artist.

The Horse and His Boy ~ C.S. Lewis

2013-09-09 14.02.47*SPOILERS*

While I didn’t mind most of this story it does get to a part where it is a little preachy and it kind of makes me want to cry out “bullshit!” I imagine that might be the reason that this particular book of the series was not made into a movie with the others (although if I’m not mistaken I think there are some BBC movies of all the books out there somewhere anyway). But yes – that’s why I have given it such a low rating. For one, Aslan represents God and he punishes Aravis for something she does in the beginning of the book. It also suggests that he “protected” Shasta throughout his journey. Personally I do not believe that God “punishes” – punishment is a trait of man (and no – it is not up for discussion – I am quite honestly not interested in what you have to say on the subject in your effort to get me to change my mind…thanks anyway) and I also do not believe that God secretly protects those who have no connection to him. You can’t look back on a situation where you have absolutely no relationship with God and go “oh he must have been there”. No dude. He wasn’t there. You didn’t invite him. While I don’t believe that salvation is in any way dependant on you – I do believe that you need to take a step towards God before he can take a step towards you. Now I don’t usually get too self-righteous about stuff like this because how can I get all huffy about what others believe and then still expect that what I believe should be respected? I do however think that there is not much point to God if we continuously compare him to earthly fathers in an attempt to understand something that is quite honestly beyond cerebral understanding. If I’m going to believe in God I kind of need him to not be an asshole. As in – don’t friggen chase my horse and then leave deep gashes in my back to “teach me a lesson” – that is not grace. I think a lot of people are damaged when they are taught to believe that God likes to “Teach lessons”. Fuck that. God likes to love you. End of story.


The Fault in Our Stars ~ John Green

the-fault-in-our-stars-okayI probably have a million things to say about this book but I think the most significant of those things is to simply say that THIS is how YA fiction should be written. John Green is witty and intelligent and he is a beautiful soul. I absolutely loved this book. I admit that I only picked it up because of the lovely title. I would have put it back down if I had specifically known that it was YA fiction, because the YA genre tends to disappoint me more often than not. John Green, however, is so damn special. I feel like a generation of humans raised on this kind of writing could only ever turn out to be good. My kind of good.


My YA Bookshelf

2013-09-09 14.06.46I have a bit of a book buying problem. Ok I have a serious book buying problem. I have recently come to understand that this is typical behaviour of writers, but it still feels a bit like I should do *something* about it. If my Goodreads account is to be believed (and it is at least a 98% accurate representation) then I own 594 books (not counting cook books or reference/resource books – I should add those sometime – and not counting the tons of books I have on my kindle and ibook shelf) and I have only read 208 of these books. Continue reading

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe ~ C.S. Lewis

2013-09-09 14.02.55I love that the religious thread that runs through this book is kind of unasuming and doesn’t pander to doctrinal extremes. I imagine a more zealous writer may have been tempted to become preachy and push a very certain agenda, but Lewis doesn’t. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that if you didn’t know that the Narnia series had a Christian undertone that you might not even notice that it was there. He keeps it as simple as the battle between good and evil without trying to throw in any greys.