Calling all writers :)

Hello Friends!

I’ve been wanting to restart our Tequila Thursday Writing Club for a while now. Between life and books it has kind of fallen by the wayside, but that will most definitely change shortly.

In the spirit of new starts, I have completely emptied The Writers Club Blog and plan to use it as a place for writing samples. I hope that it will soon fill with examples of flash fiction, short stories, children’s stories and poetry written by those brave enough to join our little group of writing crazies.  I also hope that the works shared here will be met with helpful feedback as well as great support and encouragement.

If you would like to contribute to The Writers Club Blog please send me an email and I will create an account for you. There will also be an anonymous account option for those who feel a little shy about any of their stuff.

As for the real writers club: meetings will start again at my place on the 30th of June 2011. Anyone who would like to join us is welcome. Again, just pop me a mail and I’ll get back to you.

For those who sadly don’t live in PE, The Katalina Blog Challenge will be up and running alongside the writers club from next week. I do hope that we can get a few more to take part this time.

The goal, as always, is to encourage our fellow writers to use their talents and write more. I hope that we can all be an inspiration to each other.

Yours in ink,



3 thoughts on “Calling all writers :)

  1. Hi sounds like a an excellent idea, and just the sort of thing I’ve been thinking about getting involved in.

    look forward to hearing from you.

    CC Baxter

  2. HI,

    This sounds like a great idea, please send me all the neccesary details, i am so eager.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


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