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Am really excited to be starting The Tequila Thursday Writing Club up again soon (if only I could get around to editing my novel of the same name!). On Thursday some of my PE friends will be meeting at my place. Hopefully we will have a fire going and some yummy snacks to share. And of course – tons of coffee!

My plan for the writers group is relatively simple: I hope to remind my writer friends (and myself especially) that it is not writing that inspires us – it is life! It is when you stop to smell the roses that poetry comes. It is when you’re taking a long bubble bath that you discover how your book should end. When you try something different (a new hobby, a different kind of cuisine, a whole new belief system!) the things you have been trying to do suddenly start to work. 

Once the writer’s club is underway I will be reintroducing The Katalina Blog Challenge. There will probably be two challenges running simultaneously. One will be more involved and one will be something short and sweet – almost like a creative tea break.

I hope my blogger friends will join me again.

Here is to moving forward in our writing careers, and most especially, here is to life winding upwards! *cheers*

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