And off they wrote…or did they?

Last week The Tequila Thursday Writing Club met up again for the first time in a while. We chatted, we drank wine, we made posters and we made a few resolutions to write.

Have we? I certainly haven’t….*insert big dramatic sigh here*

For the next while, among other things, we will be working on The Sound of Paper by Julia Cameron (a review of which I will surely do soon) and, as with The Artist’s Way there are three non-negotiables in the unblocking process.

1. Morning pages

Apparently writing three pages of free writing first thing in the morning is a good way to get the lost writing life back. It does work. It really does. But it’s very easy to forget that when you are not doing it.

I do plan to start doing this again. Soon. I’m hoping that this website is going to help. It has badges and awards and stuff. Kind of like being in school. And considering I prefer typing to writing by hand it seems like a good idea.

2. Artists Dates

My GOD I find these difficult. Should it be difficult to take an hour or two once a week and do something just for you? No, it shouldn’t. And yet? It is the hardest thing to do! For me, taking myself on a date might be something as simple as actually allowing myself to paint my nails! But do I do it? No… Do you?

3. Walks

Walking is the most wonderfully inspiring thing for a creative person to do. You should do it. I should do it. We all should do it. Alone.


Am I going to do it again? Yes… I hope so….

But is it ok if I start on Monday?

3 thoughts on “And off they wrote…or did they?

  1. Hey. I am looking forward to next month, when I will be able to join the club again thanks to normal working hours. Let’s try the whole writing thing again. 🙂

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