750 Words FTW!

Ah yes…. So the other day I mumbled something incoherent about artist’s dates and morning pages and a little website called 750 Words. The gist was really that these are things we SHOULD do…but probably don’t.

I decided this morning that I was going to start on the morning pages and the artist’s dates again. I need to. I am slowly losing my sanity. And not in a fabulous bound-to-be-brilliant writer kind of way.

So…since all good things start on Mondays I was planning to do my pages on the 750 Words website this morning….when lo and behold THERE WAS NO INTERNET! Now…it was gone over the weekend and I was ok with that. I probably could have fit in some work here and there, but I thought, no, we’ll play and skip the working. Which was fine. But on a Monday? TAKE MY INTERNET ON A MONDAY?!! For this Murphy should burn in hell.

Anyway – long story short – after discovering that the source of my internetlessness was not in fact the fault of Telkom as I initially suspected but was completely the doing of my dear sweet daddio who unplugged my cable from the router – I am internetted up again and smiling broadly.

I thought that even though it is passed lunch time I should probably do my 750 words anyway. So I did. And OH THE AWESOME! Really. You just don’t understand! This whole writing out three pages of Morning Pages thing KILLS ME!. It takes me an hour and a half sometimes to get through them. I write SO SLOWLY!. It took me 13 minutes to type out 750 words. Now 13 minutes of my day I can do. Happily.

So I shall be doing it. And annoyingly reporting back every so often.

Have a fabulous Monday friends!

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