The Trials of the Woodsman ~ Cassie Wright

The Trials of the WoodsmanThe Trials of the Woodsman by Cassie Wright

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

So this is what happens when you decide to furnish your reading list with free stuff from Kindle: You end up reading a whole bunch of sorta weird stuff that you would otherwise never have glanced at before. I guess that is a good thing in the spirit of expanding one’s horizons…

Anyway – here I was exposed to a bit more “Fairytale Erotica” which I must admit is still kind of weird as all hell to me. For instance, with this story you’re merrily going along reading about a man and his son living in the woods and then there are a couple of lions and other creatures and it’s all sort of lovely….and then all of a sudden you find yourself reading the word “cock” and suddenly all is no longer right with the world. Now don’t get me wrong, as much as I don’t usually choose erotica as my default genre, I certainly have no issue with graphic sex scenes should they find their way into a book that I actually want to read (this almost never happens by the way). It is usually as impossible to read about sex without getting randy as it is to watch porn (or a particularly steamy non-porn-but-still sex scene) without getting a little randy….but this? I can’t say it did much for me at all. It was just kind of icky. And not because of the throbbing vein on the engorged member (*snortlaugh*) but because again I found myself reading about a sort of rape fantasy. The fact that the usual gender role was reversed in this situation didn’t really make it any better. It was still a bit yucky. Basically, Circe (a goddess) forces the huntsman to sexually gratify her in exchange for the return of his son.


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