A Long Way Down ~ Nick Hornby

CYMERA_20140313_150819As you can possibly see by this failed sort-of-attempt-at-arty photograph, I own three copies of Nick Hornby’s A Long Way Down. I’m not entirely sure how this came about. No. I lie. The red one I bought when it first came out because High Fidelity, About a Boy and How to Be Good were awesome. The purple one I bought because it was on sale at Bargain Books  and the cover was pretties than the red one. And the blue one my mom bought me at a flea market because she knew I liked Nick Hornby. So now I have three. To be honest I’m not even sure this particular red one is mine. I loaned someone a bunch of books once. Since then she kind of broke up with me friendwise (ok then) and so because she wasn’t speaking to me I asked another friend to ask her for my books back. I’m sorry but I really don’t think you should have to go through all that whatthefuckjusthappened crap and then still have to lose your books as well. Anyway – she returned a bunch of books and none of them were mine. I used to have a red copy of this book, but I’m pretty sure someone else has it at the moment. So now…. I don’t really know what to do or why this blog post has ended up being such a giant preamble to what is essentially probably only going to end up being a vaguely informative review post.

I decided to indulge in this particular book for the third time (see…I have three books… I’ve read this book three times…. totally normal!) because 1. I am reading my favourite authors this month and I don’t have any Nick Hornby books that I haven’t read yet and 2. the movie of this book is coming out soon so it’s always fun to have a bit of a catch up before watching the movie. Anyway….and here is where the vague part comes in…. I love this book. It is awesome. Nick Hornby never fails to impress me with his ability to become so many different characters. Of course, this book is extra special to me because it kind of inspired my own novel (which I now hate, but still) and I must be honest I was kind of weirded out by how little of it I actually remembered. I guess it’s kind of cool that my brain doesn’t retain stuff properly. It means I can kind of enjoy my favourite things more than once.

So who would enjoy this kind of book? Anyone who ever gave any real thought to pretty much anything ever. Anyone with the ability to put themselves in someone else’s shoes. Actually I’m kind of high on a flu virus right now…. Possibly no one should listen to anything I have to say….


4 thoughts on “A Long Way Down ~ Nick Hornby

  1. 1. Your friends that borrowed your books and then gave you someone else’s books instead sound like that “friend” of mine that believes clocks and watches are optional because you have to live in NOW moment (as long as it’s not her that has to wait a ridiculous amount of time for someone.
    2. I also am astounded by Hornby’s ability to write from female perspective without making the said female sound irrational. How he manages it is just another mystery of life.
    3. As I said somewhere before (I’m not blessed with your beautiful mind that forgets unimportant crap like saying something somewhere once, quite contrary) I am afraid of watching the movie for it could spoil my immaculate high opinion of the book.
    4. Stop hating your book! I love it, and I’m rather protective of the things and people I love.
    5. Now that I’m done commenting under the blog entry that I had no intention of commenting on originally I shall proceed to the link that you promissed would make us all squeel. 🙂 ta-ta

  2. I like to be objective about movies and books. What makes a book work and what makes a movie work are two completely different things. Have you read/seen High Fidelity and About a Boy. Both those movies are completely different to the books. But both are brilliant in their own right. I try not to compare books to movies (hard of course) but rather to judge them on their own merit. The Harry Potter movies were all wonderful and there were quite a few differences there too 🙂

  3. We passed this book around at MyPE Bookclub about a million years ago, and I am 83% sure I borrowed it from CallyJean, and then passed it on to someone else. So maybe the red one was that one.

    Or course there is no reason you would have taken it if you already had 2.5 copies.

    Never mind.

    P.S. Did you check all the bathrooms? People tend to leave Nick Hornby books there for no reason. 😉

  4. Definitely not Callyjean’s copy (although speaking of Callyjean – I have her copy of Eat Pray Love!!!) because I’ve had my own Long Way Down from possibly before I met you guys. But yes. I shall check the bathrooms.

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