Review: The Good Neighbour

The Good Neighbour
The Good Neighbour by William Kowalski
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Well….that was kind of…odd… I’m kind of a Kowalkski fan, in that when I was 20 I read Eddie’s Bastard and it kind of happened while I was starting to realise that I wanted to write and it played into the becoming a writer thing really well. The follow up, Somewhere South of Here, played the game well too – in fact even better because I particularly adored that book (I should maybe read it again). And somewhere along the line I found Flash Jackson pretty fascinating. So I was really excited to read this book. From the beginning I hated it though. The main characters are pretty cliche and exceptionally loathsome. The husband is a classic douche. You read about him and immediately you feel like “hey, I know that guy”…and then you go “why the hell did this idiot of a woman marry him?” and then you just hate her because clearly she is an idiot. I don’t know. I think on the whole the writing was fine. I enjoyed the parts that covered the history of the house. Kowalski uses a few cliches, but nothing unforgivable. I just….I just didn’t buy any of it. I don’t know. For one I had no reason to believe that Francie was intelligent or wonderful, other than being told that she was. But creepiest of all. I guess I have to admit to myself that it is entirely possible that hating these two so much is simply a denial of my own recognition of the toxic dynamic between them. Oh…and just in case Mr. Kowalski himself ever reads this review: Dude, it’s rooibos….not roiboos. I promise. I am 100% correct about that. I even googled it to check to see if maybe roiboos wasn’t something that I just didn’t know about. If it is, please let me know because google doesn’t know either. But otherwise: rooibos.

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2 thoughts on “Review: The Good Neighbour

  1. I loved all those William Kowalksi books, excited to hear there’s a new one, but nervous after reading your review. Will have to read it, even if just for old times sake.

  2. Oh no don’t let my review stop you or make you nervous, although you may find that you’ve possibly grown out of him? Like I did. I don’t know! It got a lot of love on Goodreads so you might still love it. The book isn’t new though – it’s old! Most of the books I read are old :/ I very seldom dip my toe in the waters of new releases and such. I can’t afford books that are brand new! I have to wait a few years for their prices to come down :/ I did discover that he has a lot more books than I was aware of though so you might also be pleasantly surprised at how many you haven’t read yet.

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