The Girl Who Couldn’t Say No ~ Tracy Engelbrecht

Don’t laugh, but “randomly” meeting Tracy Engelbrecht (online – because where else do we meet people these days?) was some sort of Universal show of synchronicity. The Universe likes to do this to me.

Let me explain:

About six or seven years ago (holy crap I’m getting old!) I started writing a book about a pregnant teenager. I was hardly past being a teenager myself at that stage, but I just couldn’t do it. I had never been pregnant. And I therefore had no idea what I was talking about. I needed to know what it felt like to stroke a pregnant belly. I needed to know what morning sickness felt like and how it feels to be kicked from the inside. Those stupid books at the library helped nothing – it didn’t take long to figure that out. So I shelved the book, promising myself that as soon as I found myself pregnant I would pick it up again.

Now of course that never happened. When I was pregnant all I wanted to do was knit and sew things (true story – my dad still laughs at me about that) but the other day I picked up the novel  with a very intense need to revisit the idea of finishing it and doing it properly.  Continue reading