Stay Tuned ~ Lauren Clark 2.5*

Melissa Moore works behind the scenes as a producer for WSGA, Macon, Georgia’s very own television station. The young and beautiful Alyssa Andrews and the womanising Tim Donaldson are a team in front of the cameras and a couple behind them, presenting local news each day. When their affair goes south, both Alyssa and Tim go AWOL and Melissa goes on screen to save the situation. But her on-screen persona can’t reflect her rather dowdy and dated daily self, so Melissa’s daughter Kelly and best friend Candace help her to revamp her wardrobe and make over her hairstyle. An even bigger problem is that her marriage to husband Chris, a portfolio manager for Macon’s largest financial firm, has gone stale. Melissa fears that the empty nest created by Kelly going off to college will be empty of her husband too if she can’t revitalise their relationship. With Candace’s Dr Phil inspired wisdom and her faith in God, Melissa tackles her career challenges along with her relationship problems. Continue reading