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Hello & welcome to The Katalina Playroom!

Maybe you stumbled in here by accident, or perhaps you were sent here by me and have arrived at this page out of some sort of sense of obligation. Either way, I thank you for being here and hope that you will come back again soon.

Really, The Katalina Playroom is simply a place filled with a few things that I love. There’s the well-known story of the teacher who asked her class what they wanted to be when they grew up. One little boy answered that he wanted to be happy. The teacher then told him that he didn’t understand the question, and the little boy told the teacher that she didn’t understand life. It has taken a few years but I have started to learn that holding on to the things that make you happy does not make you selfish. It makes you sane. And it gives you life. So in here, you will find a very big part of my life. Luckily, our humanity ties us so closely together that I think you might find your own bit of joy in the many things that I plan to share.

My first real love came in the form of a set of A4-sized hardcover books in an assortment of colours. Inside, the most wonderful illustrations of bunnies, hedgehogs, mice and squirrels accompanied stories of getting lost, sibling rivalry, the first day of school, going to the dentist and all sorts of other topics. I named my favourite teddy after one of the teddies in those books: Tufty. I bet if I got my mom to look hard enough she would find him. But I don’t think he has a nose anymore.

By the time I got to junior school I was devouring Enid Blyton and Narnia and Roald Dahl books. And then Sweet Valley High and Sweetdreams novels took their place. Remember when they cost fifteen bucks? CNA was my favourite place to spend my pocket money in those days.

As I grew, so did my tastes. And right now, on the brink of turning 30, I find myself overwhelmed by the many things that enchant and excite me. No longer are these things replacing those things. There is no more instead of there is only in addition to. Maybe that won’t make sense to you. It does to me though.

In the last two years I have learnt a very important lesson: the best way to love something is to share it. As sorrows are halved when you share them, joy is doubled.

So here I plan to share with you. Whether it be an amazing book that I read or a glorious piece of artwork  or a wonderful bit of writing advice – I want to share it! Why? Because someone was kind enough to share it with me. And in that act I became more.

I hope to remind you to always treasure the little things. That book you loved so much, that piece of music, that little spot in the park where the pink flowers grow – they ARE important. As soon as you allow them to be, your face will find its smile more often, and so will your heart.

Yours in the little things,



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