James Patterson’s Bookshots

I’ve been curious about James Patterson’s Bookshots for a while now and I finally picked up a few of them to play with. Honestly I think the idea of these books is awesome and so needed! If you’re anything like me, you used to read SO MUCH and then you popped out a kid and inherited two more and suddenly your body just doesn’t have the energy required to do your favourite thing as much as it used to and it’s kind of depressing. You know?

Bookshots are an awesome idea! They’re like little mini books created just for me because I can read them in one sitting and I don’t have to be feeling brainy  to do it (because, let’s face it, James and his co-writers are easy reads) and it means that I can read more often because I’m not looking at a 500 page novel and thinking by the time I get to the end I’ll have already forgotten the beginning.

So yeah. They don’t make me feel like a well-read braniac or anything, but they have their place and probably they’re the kind of book that I can realistically aspire to writing so I’m keen to get my hands on a few more. That’s what we writers do while we’re not writing, isn’t it? We read and hope that it will one day lead to writing…

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